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Learn more about the areas we specialize in for buying or selling!

Parkland County: West of the City of Edmonton with a population of over 30,000 Parkland County is defined by Saskatchewan River and Pembina River on the South and West Edge and Range Road 260 and Township 552 on the East and North sides of the County. Our team services the East half of Parkland County area from Town of Wabamun. Parkland County website is

Lac Ste Anne: North West of the City of Edmonton, Lac Ste Anne County has a population just over 10,000. The County spans from Range Road 11 to Range Road 100 and Township 535 to Township 600 at its furthest point. Our team services only a small section of this large County, West of Highway 43 and East of Highway 33. Lac Ste Anne County website is

Spruce Grove: Located only 11 km west of the City of Edmonton; The City of Spruce Grove boasts a population over 35,000. Spruce Grove is fast growing with an increase of over 30% from the 2011 population census. Spruce Grove has a City feel with such big box stores as Walmart and Superstore, without being in the large metropolis of the City of Edmonton. City of Spruce Grove website is

Stony Plain: The Town of Stony Plain is west adjacent to Spruce Grove with a population of over 17,000 which is a 14.2% increase from its 2011 population census. The Town features many beautiful murals throughout as well as several country festivals giving it a vibrant rural town feel. The town website is

Devon: The Town of Devon is located 26 km South West from the City of Edmonton overlooking the North Saskatchewan River and has a population of 6,500. This town has an easy 20 km commute to the Edmonton International Airport and 17 km to Nisku Business Park. Town of Devon website is

Parkland County and Animals

Thinking of buying a home or acreage in Parkland County and wondering what the rules are in regards to how many of what animal you can own? Some subdivisions, however, have Restrictions in regard to animals so always ask the question if you are interested in an acreage located in a subdivision and want specific animals. Take into account they will never allow more then what is listed below.

Cats and dogs

On any residential parcel smaller than 0.81 ha (2 acres) in size, you can have a maximum of four household pets (dogs or cats).

On any residential parcel larger than 0.81 ha (2 acres), you can have a maximum of four dogs. There is no regulation on the number of cats on parcels over 0.81 ha (2 acres), as long as the pet owner complies with the Animal Protection Act.


On residential or agricultural parcels between 0.81 ha (2 acres) and 16.1 ha (39.9 acres), allowable animal/bird units are as follows:

Parcel size # of animal/bird units
0.81 to 1.21 ha (2 to 2.99 acres) 1
1.22 to 1.61 ha (3 to 3.99 acres) 2
1.62 to 2.02 ha (4 to 4.99 acres) 3
2.03 to 2.42 ha (5 to 5.99 acres) 4
2.43 to 4.04 ha (6 to 9.99 acres)


4.05 ha or greater 5*
*Plus the number of animal/bird units permitted for that portion of the parcel in excess of 4.05 ha (10ac) e.g., 5.26 ha (13 acres) = 5 + 2 = 7 animal/bird units

One animal/bird unit means:

  • 2 horses, donkeys, mules or asses
  • 2 llamas, 3 alpacas or guanaco
  • 1 cow, 1 steer (over 1 year old), or 1 swine
  • 2 calves up to 1 year old
  • 15 chickens
  • 10 ducks, turkeys, pheasants, geese or other similar fowl
  • 3 sheep or goats
  • 20 rabbits or similar rodents
  • 2 ostriches, emus or other ratites

*Information provided by Parkland County –

*Animal Protection Act –$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/acts6029