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 Don’t bring all your friend and relatives unless they are a decision maker, they may be a distraction Do take your shoes off at the door bring slippers if you want inside footwear Do assume the owner is watching & listening most homes now have surveillance cameras Don’t take photos or video seller’s permission is required Do use your imagination paint colors and flooring can be changed Don’t assume you can use the bathroom vacant
  Be aware that the working order of the appliances will be checked – such as water being run in the washing machine & dishwasher. Be aware that the working order of the sinks, toilets and bathtubs will be checked. Please clear the area around the furnace and electrical panel. Please clear the area under the attic hatch so the inspector can set up a ladder for access. It is not unusual for inspectors to

December 6, 2017

Hello world!

Welcome to my Blog! I will post new tips and ideas relating to Buying and Selling a home every week. Make sure to check back weekly for new information that I have gathered over the course of my Real Estate career to help facilitate you in your Buying or Selling endeavor