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What Can You Expect at a Home Inspection


Be aware that the working order of the appliances will be checked – such as water being run in the washing machine & dishwasher.

Be aware that the working order of the sinks, toilets and bathtubs will be checked.

Please clear the area around the furnace and electrical panel.

Please clear the area under the attic hatch so the inspector can set up a ladder for access.

It is not unusual for inspectors to come a bit earlier than anticipated and begin the exterior inspection of the home.

If you have a rural property, please flag drilled well & septic tank & field locations.

If you have a wood stove and a W.E.T.T. inspection report being prepared, ensure that the stove Is NOT on or hot!

If your home is vacant, ensure that the power and water are on.

Often in addition to the Inspector being present, there will be the buyer’s real estate agent, the buyers and potentially parents or someone the buyer is excited to share their potential purchase with!