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January 17, 2019

Considering Spruce Grove?

Considering Spruce Grove for your next home? Check out these statistics from the City of Spruce Grove! Credit: CityPulse magazine, City of Spruce Grove
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  If you’re thinking about putting your house on the market, obviously you want to do everything you can to increase the value before you sell. And if you want to add to that value without breaking the bank? Try a little paint. According to Zillow’s 2018 Paint Colors Analysis**, which analyzed the effects different paint colors had on home values, choosing the right paint colors;and incorporating those paint colors in the right way;can make
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  – Confirm proper municipal address, postal code & LEGAL DESCRIPTION for correct registration at land titles. – Review POSSESSION DAY. Avoid weekends if possible as mortgage lenders & lawyers are often not available. – Review all CONDITIONS. Buyer’s conditions are for the benefit of the buyer, & Seller’s conditions are for the benefit of the seller. Common conditions may be financing, inspection, review of condo documents, review of mortgage verification, review of title and
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How many layers are there in a lasagna? There’s no right or wrong answer to that. Other than, “more than one” probably. Even two is pretty skimpy. So, let’s say three is minimal for argument sake. (But, four or more is better.) This isn’t a lasagna lesson. And, there really isn’t any rule that you can’t have a one or two layer lasagna. So, you’d be “right”. But, this article isn’t really about lasagna, it’s
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One question that pops up constantly from both first-time and seasoned homeowners alike is “When is the best time of year to buy a home?” Potential homeowners want to know the best time of year to get the best home for the lowest price – and ideally, at a time that makes sense for their life. It would be great if there were a simple and straightforward answer, like “the best time of year to
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